Tuesday, July 7, 2015


It had to happen sooner or later, one supposes. A matador in a lucha libre mask. Well, the routine has people talking at least.

For all the controversy it is provoking and will provoke, meet Fantasma.

Well again, at least unlike the American luchador Tito Santana, who went as El Matador and never fought a bull in his life, Fantasma is in fact facing some truly  large bulls. In San Miguel Alto recently he faced an animal of over 500 kilos quite bravely.

Lucha libre and bullfighting has blended before. El Santo faced becerros in benefit capeas as did Blue Demon and Mil mascaras played in Torero por una Dia. Valente Arellano actually wanted to be one oif the luchadores but was deemed too small, before entering the bullring.

How this saga ends will be anybody's guess, but as of now Fantasma is creating a great deal of controversy and this means contracts.

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