Sunday, August 18, 2013


Manolete was the icon to end all icons as far as bullfighting was concerned and still may well be. August again marks the anniversary of his death in 1947 and he is still remembered decades after the fact.

Manolete died following a goring to the groin in Linares, Spain, delivered by a bull from Miura by the name of Islero. He cut ears and tail from this beast due to  a tremendous faena delivered right before he went in with the sword and took the fatal wound.

Gitanillo  De Triana and Domnguin shared the card that fatal day.

Throughout his career, Manolete triumphed throughout Spain, Mexico and South America. Madrid, Mexico City, Barcelona, Valencia, Tijuana, Hellin, Cordoba and Sevilla were scenes of some of his greatest triumphs.

Even with the passing of several decades, he is still remembered.

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