Saturday, May 4, 2013

Brandon Campos

Born in Queretaro, Mexico in 1994, Brandon Campos is fast becoming a sensation in the bullfighting world.

  After a stunning set of novellas in Mexico during the 20102 season he was off to Europe, where he has already gained recognition for himself.

With a triumph in Avila, Spain to his credit and showings in France as well, Campos has suddenly become a favorite in Madrid.

A recent novillada in Las Ventas is still being discussed because to two things. Foremost would be the goring of Rafael Cerro, which was senseless at best. Cerro had placed the sword in the bull  and was profiling to show his defiance. He felt certain the beast was about to drop, but the animal had one good charge left and delivered a serious horn wound tot he torero's leg by barely moving its head.

The second topic of discussion was the performance of Brandon Campos. Though he also took a severe tossing while working with the lure, he was luckier than Cerro and escaped unharmed. He also demonstrated a tremendous prowess with the muleta, comparable to veteran maatdores and not just young novilleros. Though in this event he did not leave on the shoulders of the crowd, he was loudly and vociferously applauded. The people of Madrid seemed eager to see him again.

Several young and promising toreros have come on the scene lately. Campos is surely one of them.

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