Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Long Day of Revenge Ar Bloodless California Bullfights

The Long Day Of Revenge may be sold at bloodless bullfights and signing sessions may take place in California this spring if negotiations with the Oregon based writer, Derrick DP Adamov go through. In spite of the erotic theme, The Long Day Of Revenge is a serious bullfight novel, with a grand climatic corrida equal to those found in Conrad's Matador or Lea's  Brave Bulls. The book is well worth any collector's purchase. Just skip over the erotic parts if uninteresting and read the bullfight theme, which features the tale of badly gored torero Manolo Gomez and his comeback trail, rising to fame and redemption in a magnificent corrida. Man versus toro, man versus lust and man versus himself. Where will the conquest be? Read the book to learn.

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