Monday, October 17, 2016

Adamov Books in New York

The theme may not be for everyone but at a big Bondage/SM fest in New York City recently, the books of DP Adamov, Storyteller and The Long Day Of revenge were presented.

If one gets past the 50 Shades Of Gray type matierial, Storyteller and Long Day present outstanding bullfighting material.

The chapter, El Toreo, in Storyteller, deals with the demolition of the real life bullring in San Luis Rio Colorado, though the characters are fictional and no one was ever killed there. The ghosts of ab enoty plaza return to rpevent a depressed lady bullfighter from dying there by suicide.

The Long Day Of Revenge is a true bullfighting take, set in the Mexican border circuit. A young matador finds himself in a fight not just with a bull, but himself. The actual climatic bullfighting chapter at the end is one of the most dramatic this side of Blood & Sand or The Brave Bulls.

As a spoiler, the man does not die in the end and the brave bull receives an indsulto. The action leading up to  this is enough to satisfy any bullfighting fan.

As for lovers of erotica...there's plenty of that also.

Adamov did not aooear in NY due to a hatred for public appearances, but the boosk were presented favorably.

Info on the books and orders may be found at

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