Wednesday, June 8, 2016

D.P. Adamov Book Signings In Mexicali

D.P. Adamov, the author of the controversial Long Day Of revenge book, will be doing book signings in book stores and possibly at the Calafia bullring in Mexicali this winter. Dates to be announced.

The book may also be ordered from Pink Flamingo Publishing.

If one gets by over or is not easily offended by the erotic content, the book offers a staring bullfighting tale, with one of the best final bullfights seen in any novel ever. The book might best be described as 50 Shades Meets Blood & Sand.

This is not the first time the bullfight has been used for erotic backgrounds. Anyone remember the books, La Tarantula, Corrida Of Sin, Matador Of Shame and the like? Or what about Bolero and Matador in the 1980s on the big screen?

The book may not be for everyone, but the bullfight theme is worth a read.

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