Friday, March 20, 2015

Book Review: The Storyteller

Another erotic horror story by D.P. Adamov which due to being a "dirty book" per se, might not be for everyone. Then, with 50 Shades making the mainstream, who knows. The world might be ready for ten extremely kinky horror tales from all walks of life.

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This is by the same author that recently wrote the outright, though kinky bullfight tale, The Long Day Of Revenge, reviewed before here.

There is a bullfighting tale in The Storyteller as well, defining the ultimate and real life destruction of the old wooden bullring in San Luis Rio Colorado, titled El Toreo. Here, reality stops and fiction begins.

There was a large wooden ring in San Luis that was torn down, called the El Toreo. That is a given. Unlike in this story, no matador was ever killed there, but the fictionalized torero dying in this ring was needed to make the story work.

A retired woman bullfighter, distraught with life, returns to the San Luis Rio Colorado bullring in its final days, bent on climbing tot he top, jumping off and killing herself.

The ghost of her former lover is able to punch a hole back into the world of the living and stop her.

That's the short form explanation for the story.

There is, this being a fetish novel, ample kink in between start and finish.

While interesting, the bullfight yarn is frankly one of the weaker of the tales. The stories involving vampires, a haunted apartment complex and a painting of the Marquis De Sade which possesses its owner are all much more powerful. If you re a bullfighting fan, you might still want this book just to add to the collection. If you love kink or horror, than the book is a perfect combo.

From the Adamov collection, The Long Day Of Revenged, also from Pink Flamingo, is more for aficionados of la fiesta brava, again in spire of the obligatory sexual overtones.

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