Thursday, September 27, 2012

Remembering Paquirri

September 26th marked the 28th anniversary of the passing of Paquirri following one of the most controversial deaths in modern bullfighting.

On September 26, 1984, Paquirri appeared in Pozoblanco, Spain alongside Soro and Yiyo, in what was turning out o be a triumphant corrida for everyone.

Paquirri's second bull of the day hooked into him during opening moments with the capote and for what seemed an eternity he dangled on the horn. Finally thrown free, he made a weak attempt to rise form the sand and fell backward as the ring workers rushed to carry him out.

Incredibly, a cameraman was allowed to follow him to the infirmary and record the panic as doctors inspected the massive leg wound.

In what ended up a controversial, in fact fatal decision, the medics determined the infirmary was too  poorly equipped  to handle such a goring and Paquirri should be transferred to Cordoba for better care.

He died in the ambulance.

Paquirri  rests within the San  Fernando Cemetery in Sevilla. Long gone, but always remembered.

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